How To Build Big Lats

how-to-build-big-latsIf you want to build a strong and wide back, then you will want to start to build your lats, or the Latissimi dorsi muscles to be precise.

To achieve this you’ll find a number of very specific back muscle focused exercises that will help you in the gym. Specifically, these exercises are the lat pull-downs with an overhand grip, the bent over row and the deadlift.

After reading this article, you will know how to approach your next back training session, in order to get the results you really want.

Lat pull-downs

Lat pull-downs – these work very well as the first back exercise during a workout, as they can be used as a warm up also.

Ensure that your knees are secure under the pads, and that you take a wide overhand grip. This grip will engage the lat muscles and ensure that you don’t use your arms.

When you perform this exercise, be sure not to swing, as your posture should be stationary throughout. Pull the bar down to your chest and then let it rise slowly back to the starting position.

Bent over rows

Bent over rows – this exercise is done with a barbell and it targets the muscles in the middle of your back.

This is a compound exercise and it drastically increases your strength as well as the thickness of your back.

You need to hold the barbell with your palms facing own and with slightly bent knees. You also need to bend at the waist but always ensure your back is straight (to avoid injuries). You also need to ensure that your head is up during the exercise.

When bringing the barbell to your torso, you should exhale and keep your elbows close to your body. As you lower the barbell to the starting position, you need to inhale in a controlled way.

The deadlift – the ‘king of all exercises’

The deadlift is another very powerful exercise and it will really build a strong and well-muscled back.

Besides building the back, the deadlift will simultaneously build strength and muscle throughout the body, which is why it is often known as the ‘king of all exercises’.

When deadlifting, you need to be careful with the mechanics of the movement. Mistakes here can increase the risk of injury.

For starters, always keep your back straight and your head up, as it will prevent you from rounding your back. When you start lifting the barbell, push with your legs while also bringing your body into an upright position while your exhale.

When you reach the top of the movement, push your chest out and bring your shoulders blades back. From here, slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position by bending at the knees and moving your torso forward (always keeping your back straight).

Other back building exercises

There are a number of other movements that you can add to your back and lat building programme, but lat pull-downs, bent over rows and deadlifting based routines will really help you develop a strong back and build muscle in the right places. This is because they focus on lifting heavy weights and they incorporate other muscles in the body.

As you gain in confidence and build experience of what works for you you can add other back exercises, such as other rowing motions and variations on the pull-up later. Remember that having a wide and powerful back looks very impressive, so it is worth the time, effort and pain to build it.

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