Motivation – A Key Ingredient to Fitness Mastery

motivation-a-key-ingredient-to-fitness-masteryBuilding a strong, powerful, healthy body capable of enduring various challenges and activities that an ordinary person’s body would be unable to handle is going to require more than just physical effort

To maintain a very high level of fitness you will need to follow the right training plans, work hard and also use various techniques taken from sports psychology to improve your performance to that next level.

As you might imagine, your mind can be either your best or your worst enemy when it comes to fitness and performance improvement. In some cases you will simply be physically unable to perform specific movements or activities, but most of the time it will be your mind that is holding you back.

Learning how to trick your mind or talk yourself into performing better, harder and for longer can help you to achieve amazing things, and this is what we’ll briefly consider here.

Getting started with self-motivation

People discover motivation techniques for their sports and disciplines in various ways. Some people find the strength to continue by reviewing their past accomplishments, whether these include winning an MMA fight,  scoring that fantastic goal in a game of football, or recounting that marathon personal best time from last year.

Sporting confidence is typically built from past successes, but what if you have not made any remarkable achievements as of late and you are struggling to find the motivation to just get started?

This is where self-motivation can prove to be extremely advantageous to you. Convincing yourself that you have the ability to exceed the expectations of others can really impact your performance and drive you on to do better.

If you can honestly tell yourself that you have what it takes and then work hard to prove it to yourself, you will be unlikely to fail. However, when you do fail, if you’re in a positive, highly motivated state of mind it will be all the more easy to pick yourself up off the ground and get back to where you started… tenacity is one of the fundamental keys to success.

There  is little doubt that there is a tremendous power behind positive, self-motivation that cannot be denied.

Think positive and you can do it!

Throughout your journey you will likely run into people who have a negative mind set, and their negative advice and opinions should be ignored like the plague.

Don’t worry much about what others have to say, because you are the master of your own mind and body. Sometimes even your coach or trainer will be unsure as to what is best for you, so your ability to know what your body needs becomes all the more important.

The reality is that you probably can do it. Unless the activity or exercise that you are looking to undertake is beyond the realm of physical possibility, you definitely can improve your performance in any given area with a positive approach and the right frame of mind.

Even when it seems as if something would be impossible for you to achieve, this does not always necessarily mean it is so… think back to May 1954 and the exploits of the British middle distance runner Roger Bannister, the first man to run the mile in under 4 minutes (3.59.4), something most people at the time thought impossible!

The only way to know for sure is to push your boundaries and test your limits, never letting others tell you what you know you have the capacity to do or not.

Always remember that adopting a positive, can-do attitude to your training and competition will help you create the right mental platform for you to achieve your performance goals. Think positive and stay motivated.