Energy Drinks & to Build Your Physique

energy-drinks-to-build-your-physiqueThere are literally thousands of energy drinks on the market, and they are generally targeted towards those interested in staying fit, losing weight and increasing their sports performance.

While there are many benefits to sports drinks, such as offering a quick spike in energy and focus, but there are also some of side effects that should be understood.

This article is going to cover some of the issues involved, so you know the facts and can make a wise choice next time you want to make a purchase.

What do energy drinks do?

Energy drinks are very good at replacing lost fluids during training, exercise or sports. This is one of the most common reasons for drinking them.

When sweating, people can lose lots of vital nutrients, minerals and electrolytes, which a good energy drink will be able to replace.

These nutrients are vital for good functioning, energy and general wellbeing, so energy drinks can help to fill this need very well.

They also provide a quick spike in energy, allowing athletes to train harder, with more concentration and for longer periods of time.

Many people who leave work or arrive at the gym feeling lethargic, therefore use energy drinks before starting their workouts or training.

Benefits of using energy drinks

Energy drinks also offer a good alternative to plain old water.

Most people, when exercising in the gym or outdoors, use water in order to rehydrate their body which is a great idea. However, this can often be boring for many people.

As such, the range of energy drinks available can offer great flavours and different tastes, as well as a boost in energy.

While most energy drinks contain sugar (sometimes lot of sugar), there are also a few sugar free varieties on the market. As such, people concerned about their energy intake in the form of sugars can use these energy drinks and still benefit from many of the plus points.

Many sugar free energy drinks are also very healthy, as they have added ingredients without the excess calories.

Some energy drinks also contain protein, which can be helpful for muscle growth, post exercise recovery, repair and building of muscle tissue.

Many people like to drink such fluids when they are working out, as it can increase their performance levels. Energy drinks are very easily digested by the body. This means they offer a better alternative than food, which can cause bloating and sit in the stomach.

Many people prefer to consume an energy drink instead of a meal replacement bar, mainly because such bars can take much longer to digest.

Disadvantages of using energy drinks

One of the biggest disadvantages in using energy drinks is the amount of sugar they contain. Many have up to eight teaspoons of sugar for every eight ounces of fluid. This makes the content similar to that of a soda can.

Which ever way you look at it, this amount of sugar can be bad for health reasons, and long term, it can increase the risks of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

Another major problem is the large quantity of caffeine packed in to many sports drinks. Such excess caffeine can lead to a number of side effects including restlessness and dizziness.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using high energy drinks in a sports and fitness context, however there are also some important disadvantages for you to consider.

You need to manage these factors before making a decision on which ones to use.

If you are considering a compromise you could look for sugar free energy drinks, and those lower in caffeine, as they will help you maintain good levels of hydration and electrolytes without getting some of the more unwanted the side effects.

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