Why Interval Training is a Fat Burning Dream


In order to build a higher level of fitness, many athletes have moved to incorpotrate interval training techniques in to their exercise routines.

However, interval training is not only for athletes – it can used by anyone wanting to burn fat, increase their levels of fitness and improve their explosive power.

This article will cover the major benefits that can be gained from an interval-training programme.

The great thing about interval training is that it can be used with in conjunction with all forms of cardiovascular exercise. For example, if you enjoy working on the rowing machine, then you can begin to introduce sprints into your session.

You can begin with a couple of 30-second sprints, and build up the number from there. Interval sprints can be applied to every form of cardio exercise, which makes it a great way to improve and add to your program.

Burn fat after your workout

Sports science has shown that interval training allows you to burn fat long after you have left the gym. This is known as the “after burn” effect and it means that your body burns more calories – post exercise.

The best way to ensure you get the most from this phenomena is by alternating from three minutes of speed training, to three minutes of moderately paced training.

Save time

One of the most obvious benefits of interval training is how efficient it is. When you can burn the same amount of calories in less time, then it is certainly something you should be doing.

You can also alternate from fast to slow training methods so that you can push yourself to the limits. When you can change the speed of your training, you can make the workout even more efficient.

Increase your explosive power

Interval training will help to increase your explosive power and also allow you to increase your speed. This is primarily because you are using your bodies fast twitch muscle fibres during an interval training session.

Whether you are running, cycling, or swimming, you will get faster each time you train. This is a great if you are involved in a sport where speed and acceleration are important… a great side effect.

Improve your endurance

Many people think that only long distance running will improve your endurance levels, however this is not the case.

When you work your interval-training program, you will increase you explosive power, speed and levels of endurance. This is because you are doing more work over a shorter period of time. There is also a crossover from the sprints in how your body increases its endurance ability.

Reduce your resting heart rate

By alternating bouts of sprinting with moderate exercise, you can also work to decrease your resting heart rate.

When you push your heart beyond its normal level, it will compensate by moderating your heart rate. Having a reduced resting heart rate is very beneficial and will aid with better health.

In summary

The benefits found in this article should motivate you to investigate interval training and incorporate it into your own training program. Its usually best to begin with a small program and add additional exercises over time.

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